A caregiver's guide

‚ÄčA Caregiver's Guide is a handbook for end of life care.  It is provided at no cost to caregivers across Canada.  The first guide was written and published here in Edmonton, and it did not take long for the rest of Canada to adopt this exceptional tool.  It's success has exceeded our hopes in that it has been adopted by many countries around the world and has been translated into numerous other languages.  Take a moment to watch the short YouTube video posted here describing the tremendous value of this guide.

Kairos house

Kairos House provides residential care and support services for men and women living with AIDS and HIV/AIDS.  The Edmonton Commandery of the Order of St. Lazarus has been providing financial support to this amazing program for over 20 years.

Royal Alexandra Hospital 

The Edmonton Commandery of the Order of St. Lazarus has provided funding to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Palliative Care for many years.  We help provide furnishings for the Comfort Rooms.  Sleep Chairs, Coffee/Tea Trolleys, Waiting Room Furniture or whatever comforts are needed in a room, right down to TV's and Pictures on the walls.  The St. Lazarus Bears are also available to the patients and family members to bring comfort at a difficult time.


Alberta hospice Palliative care ASSN (AHPCA) road show

The AHPCA engages in education, advocacy, and provision of resources to achieve comprehensive and quality hospice, palliative, and end of life care for all Albertan's.  This amazing program goes on the road to teach and answer questions from professionals and caregivers across the province.  We are proud to say that both the Edmonton and Calgary Commanderies of the Order are working in partnership to fund this amazing and worthwhile project.

The St. lazarus bear

The St. Lararus Bear is a little brown teddy bear toy which we give to palliative care patients, as well as their family members, to bring a little bit of warmth and comfort during a difficult time.  We are delighted to share this program with the Orders' Calgary Commandery.